SOtM sPS-1000


sPS-1000 is a high performance DC linear power supply to connect with audio devices using DC power to maximize the sonic performance.

It is designed to operate by linear circuits only it means it doesn’t use any digital circuit at all, so doesn’t generate any digital high frequency noise. Also it uses Ultra Low Noise Regulator circuit to minimize the faint noise occurred even from the linear circuit and it has the built-in Noise filter to block the noise coming from AC power.

For the stable operation, it has built-in ‘output short protection circuit’ and ‘over-temperature protection circuit’, and also ‘high performance audio components’ have been chosen through a number of experiments for the best fits.

There are all 3 power outputs; High, Mid, Low Level available on the rear panel of sPS-1000, and each output has 4steps selectable voltage, so it can make a connection with various audio devices.

 High Level output is for audio source devices like a digital media player which needs high voltage and high current as same as sMS-1000 or low power PCs. Mid Level output is for most audio devices which need middle voltage and middle current as like sDP-1000. Low Level output is for small audio devices which need low voltage and low current like dX-USB HD as even runs by USB power

sPS-1000 will present the rich and elegant sound with the increased resolution through the stable DC power, these features will cover the dry and rough sounds called as weakness of most digital audio devices have, and such these presentation will be the best feature of sPS-1000.

You will experience the incredible sonic differences when using sPS-1000 in your audio system, it will bring you a feeling of satisfaction as like using the higher level of audio device.

Key Features

  • High performance DC linear power supply
  • Ultra Low Noise Regulator Circuit
  • Output short Protection circuit
  • Over-Temperature Protection Circuit

Pris 8.990 kr.



Pris 8.990 kr.